Mekowulu on Pianetabasket: " I just need to work on becoming an all around player

17.04.2020 11:00 of Giorgio Bosco Twitter:    see readings
Mekowulu on Pianetabasket: " I just need to work on becoming an all around player had the great opportunity to speak with rookie of Agribertocchi Orzinuovi Christian Mekowulu who has recorded a double double in his first season abroad. 



1) Hi Christian, how are you? Where are you spending your quarantine?

Doing good as always, currently I am spending my quarantine at my apartment here in Italy.

2) What did you miss the most of your basketball routine?

Really just being able to play, in practice , individual skill work and games.


3) Regarding your season how do you judge the season for the team?

As a team I believe we underachieved ,we had enough talent to get it done but we just wasn’t able to turn the corner.


4) And for you as a player?

Before every season I think players set goals on what they want to achieve. I mean I know I do but we the way the season went I’m not happy with how I performed. Good thing is I get a off season to work on my craft as a player , that’s what its all about. Being able to take my game to a different level every year.


5) Finishing the season with a double double in points and rebounds make you the second player in the league with this stats (Mike Hall of Piacenza recorded a double double too) At the beginning of this experience do you believe to have this kind of impact?
Yea I did ,like I said players set goals and becoming a double double player was one of my goals this year.


6) Since this year is your first year overseas which are the comparison and the difference between NCAA and the Italian League?

It’s not really a lot of differences but the only and biggest difference to me would be the physicality of Italian basketball. They don’t really call fouls ,I believe Italian leagues are way more physical than the NCAA.



7) Watching the games you show that you don't base your game only on playing inside the paint but also shooting outside the perimeter. Which aspects of your game would you like to improve the most?

I just need to continue to work on becoming a good all around player. I will focus more on my outside game and shots this off season, just to be a more comfortable and consistent player on that aspect.

8) A great season for a brighter future. Which are your expectations for the next year? Would you like to come back to Italy again?

I wouldn’t mind coming back to Italy but the most important thing for me is being in a great situation where I can continue to grow as a player.