Elijah Millsap to Pianetabasket: "My plans are to take more steps to going back to the NBA"

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Elijah Millsap to Pianetabasket: "My plans are to take more steps to going back to the NBA"

Pianetabasket.com got the huge honor to interview Elijah Millsap (epsportsGroup). Elijah is at the moment free agent after playing last season with Iowa Wolves. Elijah has played 69 games in the NBA (Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns). 



How do you describe yourself as a player?

I’m an all around player but I’m a scorer as well. I do a lot of things will while I’m scoring and others playing defense. So I’m a versatile player.



When did you understand you can make the jump to the NBA?

I left college early because I felt like I was ready to play in the NBA. I had a great season in my senior year at University of Alabama. I was first team all conference. The team did great things so I felt like I was prepared to take my game to the next level.



Would you like to play one day in the NBA with Paul? How is your relationship with him?

Yeah, It will be a dream. We have a great relationship. Summer time is always the time we used to push each other. I’m fortunate to have a brother who is a 4 time NBA All-Star. But I have a great relationship also with John and Abramah. Those guys push me as well I push them during the summer.



In a recent interview I read I noticed the strong bond you have with your brothers and family. How important is their support in the choices you made in the past?

They are my everything. I grow up in a family which was tight and connected. My family was a hard working family. We did everything possible in order to make everyone around the city and the state of Louisiana.



Which are your plan for the future? Would you like to try another experience abroad or do you think you have something to show to the NBA?

My plans are to take more steps to going back to the NBA and showing the world what type of basketball player I really can be without the limits. Right now in my career I have no opportunity here in the NBA yet. I have some interests overseas and I’m looking for the best opportunity. I can actually go in a place and takes the right steps to get better, to lead a team to the championship. Wherever I’ve been, I’ve been able to play great basketball. Now it’s time to earn the respect of the decision makers.



We want to thank Elijah and his agent Kizito Yannick (Kizziyann@hotmail.fr) for the willingness!