Mike Nardi, another piece of Italy on the title of Villanova

Source: spicchi d'arancia
Mike Nardi, another piece of Italy on the title of Villanova

Mike Nardi, fresh NCAA champion as an assistant coach on the bench of Villanova, is the fifth former player spent in Italy to take the title of Division I as a member of technical staff.
Former Italian-American point guard has closed last year racing career in A2 Silver in Latina, last leg of a journey to Italy with 9 shirts in 7 seasons. The list stands the case of Kenny Payne: the former player of Roma in 1992-93 won the NCAA title as assistant coach at Kentucky in 2012 after He is having conquered on the court in 1986 with the same university.


GIOCATORE           COLLEGE  ANNO          SQUADRA                                        ANNI        PRES/PTS
Jay BILAS                Duke           1991, 1992  Verona, Mestre                                 1986-88  39g-789pts
Lorenzo ROMAR     UCLA          1995             Roma                                                 1987-88  2g-36pts
Winston BENNETT Kentucky     1996             Arese                                                 1988-89  7g-88pts
Kenny PAYNE          Kentucky     2012             Roma                                                 1992-93  15g-187pts
Mike NARDI            Villanova      2016             MTC, AV, PS, PV, MI, FO, MN, LT  2007-15  165g-1683pts