Olek Czyz: "Sorry to had left Pistoia; Datome the best teammate I ever player with"

30.03.2018 12:08 of Iacopo De Santis Twitter:    See readings
Olek Czyz: "Sorry to had left Pistoia; Datome the best teammate I ever player with"

We've interviewed polish forward Olek Czyz, who missed the entire season due to an injury. Czyz underwent surgery few days ago, but is already thinking to his comeback on the court.


First of all, how are you? I know you underwent surgery again so how do you feel? When we'll see you again on the court?

"I feel alright but I have a long way of recovery and rehab. I don’t expect to be playing basketball in this calendar year but so far I have reacted very well to both knee surgeries. Now its all about time and patience"

In the past, you've played in Rome, Brindisi, Pistoia and Caserta: do you have any particular remembering of your italian years?

I enjoyed these years a lot. Pistoia was particularly my favorite place to play at. Everything there was well organized and people there were optimistic and genuinely nice

Your former team, Pistoia, has had some difficulties this year. How much were you sorry to leave at the beginning of the season?

"I was angry because it was supposed to be a great year for us and I was really excited because I knew what to expect. You never think like this may happen but sadly it does and injuries do happen. I would much rather be out there than playing than sitting at home".

Loyola, Kansas, Villanova, Michigan. As former alum of Duke and Nevada, which who are you pulling for?

"I was always pulling for Duke and Nevada i was particularly happy to see Nevada do really well because this is a program that has been an underdog in the tournament. Now that both teams are out I have little less interest in following the games but will watch the final four".

Who was the best teammates you have played with? And who was the most difficult to guard?

"There have been really good teammates in all of the teams. I hate to pick favorite but Gigi Datome is definitely the best person and player I came across in Italy. But everyone that I have played with had a good character. Also it is a beautiful thing that we came together on the basketball court and did what we loved to do. I can’t wait to come back and enjoy basketball some more".