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Emanuel Cate
Emanuel Cate

BIO: Romania comes back to play EuroBasket after exactly 30 years, and it seems to be one of the less talented team, as we can see by going through the players list: Vlad Moldoveanu, seen in Treviso in the 2011/12, is the player with most international experience, and neither the last minute passport to Giordan Watson, point-guard seen last year in Le Mans and ready to play and come back in Romania with Cluj Napoca, can create big ambitions. It seems to be more intriguing the group which has won the Division B EuroBasket under 20 where stands out the power-forward Emanuel Cate, already signed by Sevilla, who seems to be the most talented player together with Kuti and Nicolescu; the possibility to play in the homecourt can be a significant incentive, the aim is to win at least one match

QUALIFIED: as one of the organizer of the first phase

EYES ON: Emanuel Cate; he seems to be the light in the romanian basketball, recruited when he was really young and grown up between Real Madrid and Sevilla. He has been nominated Mvp in the last Division B EuroBasket with great numbers (16 points, 13 rebounds and 2,5 blocks); we are curious to see his impact in the elite competition

CALENDAR: in Cluj Napoca: 01/09 vs Czech Republic – 02/09 vs Croatia – 04/09 vs Spain – 05/09 vs Hungary – 07/09 vs Montenegro