Per Luigi Datome intervento al ginocchio prima dei Mondiali

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Per Luigi Datome intervento al ginocchio prima dei Mondiali

Via Facebook, Luigi Datome traccia il bilancio dell'ultima stagione in maglia Fenerbahçe e il programma prossimo venturo per l'estate: "Prima di tutto farò un intervento di pulizia (al ginocchio, ndr), qualcosa che deve essere fatto per sentirmi meglio l'anno prossimo. Dopo di che mi prenderò cura del mio corpo preparandomi per la coppa del mondo e la prossima stagione".

Another year in the books. Well, for the first time after 4 years in Turkey we finish with a disappointing feeling. Losing a final always hurts. And we know we had a lot of problems like injuries of important players, lack of shape because of injuries or overusing, and also some sad lost... but this is part of our life, part of our sport, and we never looked for excuses or alibis. We will never do it. That’s why we must congratulate Anadolu Efes and their players for a great season.
Everybody of us, despite the great fight and the togetherness we showed, know that we could do something better.
That’s what we need to focus on.
First of all I’ll have a cleaning surgery, something that needs to be done in order to feel better next year. After that I’ll take care of my body preparing for World Cup and next season.
Euroleague final four, Euroleague’s regular season first seed(record of wins in the new era), turkish cup, finalist of President cup and finalist of turkish championship. If you look at it, it’s still a pretty good season. If we all have a disappointing feeling means that we raised the bar really high. That’s why I’m glad to be part of this club, with this people.
Dear fans, you have been amazing, and our last home game has been the picture of your support. Everywhere I go in Istanbul I feel like home because of the love you always show me. You are our fuel.
Sincerely yours