NBA - Three rule changes expected in time for 2018-19

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NBA - Three rule changes expected in time for 2018-19

he NBA is considering three rule changes recommended by the league’s competition committee for the 2018-19 season, according to a report from Yahoo Sports.

The league’s Board of Governors will vote on the changes Sept. 20-21, a few days before most teams opening training camp.

According to several league sources, all three proposed changes are likely to pass and immediately go into effect.

One proposal involves altering the shot clock from 24 to 14 seconds after a team gets an offensive rebound and resets the offense, Yahoo reported.

Along with the shot-clock proposal, simplifying the clear-path rule and expanding the definition of a “hostile act” are among the recommendations, Yahoo reported.

The proposals require approval from two-thirds of the 30 teams to pass